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We appreciate for your efforts and interest in our products.
Our office has moved into the different building on Jan 24, 2011.
According to the movement, our contact details also have been changed as followings.
Please check out them before you contact us.

Shinbashi White Bldg. 5F, 4-3-11, Shinbashi Minatoku, Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan

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News Release News 2006-
Feb 28,2011 Start Health&Care Dep.
Aug 31,2010 NoPoPo was on the program "Sukkiri!!" of Nippon Television Network as a battery for an emargency.
July 21,2010 Please pay attention, there are copy products of NoPoPo battery in the world
May 1,2010 Released Aqua Power battery "NOPOPO" & related products as ourdoor and emergency supplies to overseas
Apr 1,2010 The second generation NOPOPO was launched to Japanese Market
EReleased Aqua Power battery 'NOPOPO' as emergency supplies
Mar 1,2010 Started to operate a subsidiary plant for the mass production.
Dec 6,2009 In the basis of the utility model, aquired technical evaluation level 6 which is equivalent to the patent but different from the patent in terms of 10 years exclusive right of itself.
Sep 15,2009 Our business was introduced on the national TV program,
'World Business Satellite', as a promising venture.
(Our product was also introduced as the standard electronics for the new global needs)
Sep 4,2009 Took part in IFA 2009, Berlin.
  Launched the second generation of NOPOPO for Europe.
  Launched D size and long D size for ASYL POWER.
  Launched ASYL POWER.
Sep 1,2009 NOPOPO was on the NHK program, 'OHAYO NIPON',
as a battery for emergency.
Jul 31,2007 Registered two patents on a new device.
Apr 2,2009 NOPOPO battery was reported in the Daily Industrial newspaper.
Jan 11,2009 A Lantern set of NOPOPO was introduced in the Life Industrial newspaper Japan.
Jan 7,2009 Took part in International CES 2009, Las Vegas.
Dec 25,2008 Established Aqua Power System,International in Hong-Kong
For world-wide sales&marketing.
Dec 2,2008 The EBINA city in Japan installed NOPOPO replaced a part of regular dry cell battery for emergency preparation in Dec 2008.
May 1, 2008 Exhibited Water Power Battery products at Hannover Messe(Apr 21th - 25th).
Mar 30, 2008 "ASYL(Aqua Save Your Life)" developed.
Jan 15, 2008 Jan 8th - 10th at Lasvegas CES2008 Exhibited.
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We inform the change of our policy on worldwide sales and marketing of NOPOPO and related products. The Aqua Power System Japan has revoked the license which was authorized Aqua Power System International on Worldwide Sales and Marketing of the products. Therefore, Aqua Power System Japan takes over all the task which were operated by Aqua Power System International on the Aqua Power products. Thank you

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