Privacy Policy

¡ Privacy policy
Our privacy policy is defined as below to establish a compliance program to protect personal information protection control. We are going to respond customerfs requirement and provide various services while maintaining and improving the compliance program.
We will adhere to our internal rules that define acquisition, use and provision of personal information adequate for our business contents and size.
Preventive measures will be taken for unauthorized access to personal information and loss/damage/manipulation/leakage of the personal information and corrective actions will be taken in such events.
We will comply with laws and regulations relate to personal information protection.
We will promote our activities to continuously improve our compliance program for personal information protection.
DEC 1, 2014
CEO@Tadashi Ishikawa

¡ For customers
Aqua Power System Japan promise to pay high attentions to the privacy of users of our website. We recognize that personal information that can identify specific individuals such as userfs name, address, phone number and e-mail address are all important privacy information. Any of your personal information will not be collected by browsing our website. You will be noticed in case of acquiring userfs personal information and acquired data will be handled based on the following gpersonal information protection activities.h

Personal information protection activities
An administrator is assigned in each section that handles customerfs personal information to control personal information properly.
When we collect information directly from customers, we will notice the purpose of collection, our contact information and extent of provision of data to other companies in advance.
We will adequately control any personal information collected from customers and will never disclose the information to other party than approved by customers.
In case customer requires reference and/or correction of his/her own personal data, please contact to responsible personnel. Prompt action will be taken within a reasonable scope.
Above action items will be reviewed and improved in compliance with laws and regulations that can be applied to the personal information we are maintaining.

¡ Purpose of collection and use of personal information
We will collect and use your personal information for following purposes.
Business correspondence
Delivery of products and services
Providing information about our products and services.
Providing information of seminars, exhibitions and other events held (hosted, joint hosted, supported, sponsored) by us.
Conducting surveys such as customer satisfaction survey.
Responding to inquiry and/or request from customers.
Other purposes that agreed by customers in advance.

Depends on product type, customerfs personal information will be provided to makers or distributors of the products for maintenance services or for user license agreement.

We select contractors that meet our standard and consign our business operations providing necessary personal information of customers. In such case, we will conclude an agreement for personal information and monitor the adherence of agreement.

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