Apr 21th - 25th
Exhibited Water Power Battery
products at Hannover Messe 2008


Over 1000 visitor comming to our booth.

JETRO gave us higher reputation.

Closing Press Conference
Summary:Progress/Success of the Partner Country Participation of Japan
The announcement of JETRO on April 25, 2008 is excerpted.

Aqua Power System, Japan, who also exhibited in Hall 27, is the only company in the world to commercialize water batteries using the principle of Volta Battery ("Volta Battery" is a primary battery with EMF 1.1V invented by Italian physicist, Volta. They are also known as Galvani Battery). With the prevalence of low-current products, they are promoting water batteries with a view to protecting the environment. they have registered their patents in Germany, Japan and the US. Having held more than 330 business meetings in the first three days, very much exceeding their expectations in the Messe, they wish to promote a new product during a conference on the environment and energy to be held in Switzerland in August.

Aqua Power System Japan. Shinbashi White Bldg. 5F, Shinbashi 4-3-11, Minatoku, Tokyo , 105-0004, Japan
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