Business Summary

As environment conservation is demand of the times, it is well known that addressing to ecology is required for all organizations responsible for control industry structure and products familiar with the public.

An aqua battery that uses electricity generating system by water (WPSD), different from conventional alkaline cells and nickel batteries, generates electric power by reaction of water and harmless substance in nature. It is next generation energy that can dedicate to environment conservation.

Foreseeing such future global trend and demand, Aqua Power System Japan and the Developer's group have been developing and researching on WPSD for 15years, and we have estalblished an exclusive product development and product distribution of all the products manufactured using our own patented technology.

Future business deployment in Japan is as following.

” Business model

Product feature
Generating electric power by reaction of water and natural substances such as special alloy like aluminum, magnesium and cupronickel.
Generating electric power by natural chemical reaction by harmless substances.
Generating semiparmanent electric power without degradation other than electrode degradation.
Basic technology to retard electrode degradation is not applied.
Light weight and flexible shape.
Able to be mounted into any products. Shape of battery is flexible.

Comparison with the next generation fuel cell
Dry-cell batteries and Lithium batteries used generally are gon the way to abolition and reduction for global environment conservation because of the contained harmful substances.
Currently major corporations are developing gfuel batteryh as next generation power supply.
Methanol and Ethanol are used as fuel for the fuel battery currently in development. There is concern that procurement and handling of these substances can be dangerous. Carrying of these substances to airplane is prohibited.
WPSD that generates electric power without Methanol or Ethanol but using gWaterh is an innovative device.
Because of its safety and capability of generating electricity anywhere, WPSD is a suitable product for ubiquitous age.

3. Future outlook and Product commercialization schedule
ASYL POWER makes providing AC power supply possible .
Product selection for commercialization and market-to schedule will be determined based on future discussion by developers and partnership makers.
1) 2010 Launching new model ( the second generation ) NoPoPo.
2) 2010 Launching ASYL POWER.

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